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1 x B-BBEE
level up

Achieve YES Target
Absorb 2,5% of your YES Youth

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1 x B-BBEE level up
+ 3 points

Achieve 1.5 times YES Target
Absorb 5% of your YES Youth

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2 x B-BBEE
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Double YES Target
Absorb 5% of your YES Youth

Let YES be your best B-BBEE Booster

Check that you qualify for the YES Initiative

For Generic Entities

Total revenue: >R50M

three skyrise glass office buildings


average across the 3 priority elements




sub-minimum in 3 priority elements

* This means that Even with limited or no Black Ownership, you can qualify for a YES Level Up.

* Public/Specialised entities no subminimum

For Qualifying Small Entities

Total revenue: R10M-R50M

Skyrise glass office building


in two of the 3 priority elements, with Ownership (Net Value) being one of the two elements



average across 2 priority elements with ownership being one

For Exempted Micro Enterprises

Total revenue: <R10M

One glass office building

EMEs with an annual Total Revenue below R10 Million per annum, have no sub-minimum eligibility requirements.

For Transport Sector

Human hand on car steering wheel

No subminimum eligibility requirements

YES Measured Entities need to maintain the previous B-BBEE status level obtained before participating under the YES initiative – The B-BBEE status level that needs to be maintained or improved upon is the B-BBEE status level obtained in the first year of participating under the YES initiative before YES B-BBEE.

Priority Elements = Ownership, Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)


Even with limited or no Black Ownership, you can qualify for a YES Level Up. Multinationals and family-owned businesses with no Black Ownership can make up for it with higher ESD and Skills points and participate meaningfully in B-BBEE.

  • Have a powerful B-BBEE impact and an impressive scorecard. All you need is to meet the sub-minimum. For Generic Entities with a total revenue of more than R50 million, a 50% average is required across all three priority elements or a 40% sub-minimum in three priority elements.
  • Qualifying Small Entities (QSEs) with a total revenue of R10 million – R50 million, will require 40% in two of three priority elements, with Ownership being one of the two elements. Alternatively,
  • QSEs will need a 40% average across two priority elements with Ownership being one of them.
  • For Exempted Micro Enterprises with total revenue of less than R10 million, no sub-minimum eligibility is required.
  • You can receive the YES B-BBEE benefits almost immediately. The dtic has offered leniency to businesses that are in their first year of participation in the programme at verification of B-BBEE
      • Businesses that are hosting or sponsoring YES Youth who have not yet completed eight months of their 12-month quality work experience are still able to qualify and level up, but Youth can work until their 12 months are up and then be absorbed. Only a 2,5% absorption rate is required to move one level up, while 5% will apply to move two levels up. Other details and terms are applicable.

Click here to download the Practice Note and Government Gazette for full details

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Based on your information supplied, ACME (Pty) Ltd will need to create 1000 employment opportunties.

Below are the B-BBEE benefits your company can gain by committing to the above target.

Create Job(s) and Move up

1 B-BBEE Level

Create Jobs and Move up

1 B-BBEE Level * 3 Scorecard Points

Level 3

Create Jobs and Move up

2 B-BBEE Levels

As per the draft Gazette an absorbtion of 2.5% for the first target and 5% for the second and third target is required, please review our response to the Gazette below for more information

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