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Tholakele Zungu

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Tholakele Zungu
Works as: Tour Guide

Tholakele Zungu was born and raised in Nqutu in the Maduladula area of KwaZulu-Natal. She matriculated from Hlubi High School and studied Travel and Tourism at Swinton Campus Coastal College.

Through the YES programme, Tholakele now works as a tour guide for the Whale Time Project at WILDOCEANS. She gets to learn about both tourism and nature conservation, which makes the job an enjoyable one for her.

Tholakele’s long term goals involve growing in a company where she can continuously learn and add value. She wants to make a difference not only to the company but to the community as well, ultimately developing into an authority on South Africa, nature, and tourism.

She says, “I’m very grateful to be part of the YES programme because it allows me to explore a lot of things and learn more about nature conservation, making it a great experience for me.” Tholakele is grateful to have a mentor and supervisor to guide her and her advice to youth is simple and clear; if they get an opportunity like hers, they should put their best foot forward, be presentable at work, work hard, and get things done on time!

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