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Sharon Modisaitsile

By August 25, 2021No Comments

Sharon Modisaitsile

Works at: YES Ulusha Hub in Alexandra

Meet the YES rockstar, Sharon Modisaitsile a 32-year-old female, who started her journey at the YES Ulusha Hub in Alexandra on a 12-month contract. Sharon proved herself to be an incredibly motivated self-starter during her quality work experience (QWE) at the Hub and has brought so much value to YES that she’s been offered a permanent role within the YES organisation.

Her drive, commitment, and abilities forged a path forward for her. But that’s not all. Sharon is also a differently-abled woman who uses a wheelchair. Seven years ago, Sharon suffered a personal physical set back, the result of which was a loss of utility in her legs. Coming to terms with her circumstances was difficult. A mother of two, she had to rely on her father to be her and her children’s caregiver. Getting used to using a wheelchair was massively challenging, but Sharon was determined to not let anything hold her back.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Sharon has pushed not only her wheelchair, but her dreams, aspirations and passion to ensure that she creates a place for herself where she is able to provide a stable income for herself and her family. She has not allowed her freedom of choice to be inhibited and is intentional about the kind of life and career she wants to lead. This kind of resilience, grit and growth mindset is what YES looks for in every candidate, and we continue to be inspired, not only by Sharon, but the excellent work she produces daily.

Sharon says, “My disability is my ability, as I dance my way to a future filled with rolling inspirations.”

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