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Schauenburg Systems donates R800,000 to build digital lab to teach youth tech skills.

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Schauenburg Systems donates R800,000 to build digital lab to teach youth tech skills.

Mine safety and productivity technology company Schauenburg Systems has, through its partnership with the Youth Employment Service (YES), donated R800 000 towards the establishment and construction of a digital laboratory to help young, unemployed people learn critical skills in the technology field.

The company’s donation for the establishment of a digital lab at the Netcare Ulusha Hub at the Alex Mall, in Alexandra, will enable the digital lab to offer courses aligned with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Once launched, young people will be able to learn graphic design, data capturing, interpersonal and organisational skills linked to personal assistant roles, as well as Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

This donation follows on the heels of Schauenburg employing 32 young people through the YES partnership.

“Participants who register at the Netcare Ulusha Hub are offered access to networks, training, markets, work opportunities, ideas for careers or new businesses, and the necessary partner support to make it happen.

“The hub already boasts a culinary academy, a three-dimensional printing facility, Termite Labs and a textile manufacturing facility, Hluvuko Designs, which recently landed a significant order for maternity bags from private hospital operator Life Healthcare,” Schauenburg says.

Over the past 20 years, technology has become critical to ways of working across industries.

“The 4IR is real, and it’s here. Our digitalisation strategy so far encompassed the two pillars of internal digitalisation of processes to become more productive and designing products that enhance customer experience through providing real-time solutions. With this investment, we go beyond and also upskill the community,” says Schauenburg International-Africa Group CEO Dieter Kovar.

“Youth unemployment is a national crisis . . . and the formal sector cannot create employment at the scale that is needed. However, the 4IR has allowed us to leapfrog some of the obstacles and create opportunities that would not have been open to these youth ten years ago.

“By exponentially increasing their job placement ability through nurturing relevant, in-demand skills, companies like Schauenburg not only drive their own growth but help reignite the economy,” says YES chief marketing and client officer Leanne Emery.

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