Bringing knowledge, facilities, best practice and technology! This is how YES Hubs empower communities and change lives.

Walking into a YES Hub

is walking into a new future.

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At a YES Hub, youth are physically and digitally connected to the big, wide world outside, with access to training, markets, work opportunities, ideas for careers or new businesses, and the necessary partner support to make it happen. 

Together with like-minded partners, Hubs deliver world-class training and create opportunities for small business development in communities. Hubs programmes include cut, make and trim centres, pottery labs, creative agencies, digital training labs, small business support centres, drone programming, culinary academies, beauty therapy, Blossom sanitary pad production, 3D printing labs and urban farming (to name but a few). More exciting programmes are being planned every day

Our YES community Hubs are seeding points for business, specially located and designed to address various barriers to youth employment and economic inclusion. Once youth have completed a programme at a YES Hub, they can apply for jobs in industries ranging from culinary to coding or start their own small businesses. Our communities are home to thousands of potential entrepreneurs and self-starters who just need that first chance to unlock their potential through support programmes, training and connections to markets and business.

Claim Enterprise & Supplier Development and Skills Development points by contributing to YES Hubs.

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What Hubs do for companies

Sustainable, impactful returns on B-BBEE spend. Take the lead and thrive:

  • Gain B-BBEE levels that benefit company, country and community
  • Integrate and consolidate B-BBEE efforts, redirecting funds where they are needed most
  • Coordinate spend with ED, SD and procurement, creating facilities and small business capacity
  • Combine spend with Skills spend to ensure youth exit their quality work experience with an enhanced CV, better qualifications and improved self-confidence
  • Develop skills for a future pipeline of employees – selecting gems with best organisational fit 

Hubs also provide access to market for businesses – getting products, services and technologies into the hands of the fastest-growing market in South Africa.

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What Hubs do for our country

At the centre of the community development plan, Hubs stimulate the growth potential of sectors and business; right where the youth are. This creates a ‘Great Reset’, localising innovation, lowering investment risk and placing the country on a more equitable development path.

Prosperous communities = Prosperous economy = Prosperous country

Programme and Hub sponsors provide funding, content, access to marketing and the opportunity to develop new skills and build a professional network.

Programme and Hub sponsors provide funding, content, access to marketing and the opportunity to develop new skills and build a professional network.

Hubs to date

Tembisa Kago Hub

Enjoy dedicated focus and coworking spaces.

Saldanha Transnet Genesis Hub

Offering ultra premium finishes natural light.

Alex Netcare YES Ulusha Hub. ALEX HUB opening soon

Find a space that suits you and your work.
SME Development funnel cartoonist characters

Create youth jobs via Hubs and invest in black business

Group of people sitting on chairs

Trained resources for small business eg. digital skills

Lady working with a sewing machine wearing a mask

Incubate-help develop to full potential and scale

YES Fresh packet of leafy greens

Support small business programmes – CIPC, tax, funding, training, market access