An entrepreneurial and training incubator.

Digitate Lab

Digital training lab offering a range of specialised digital learning programmes. Training partners include Vodacom, Google, Microsoft and IT Varsity.

Green Engine Aquaponics and Farming

Hydroponics programmes and commercial farms where youth learn about urban agriculture and sell their produce.

Drone Academy

Candidates taught how to repair, operate and fly drones to provide services to key sectors of the economy.

The YES Culinary Academy

Chef training and entrepreneurial incubation with live restaurants running while youth learn.

Textile Manufacturing Centre

Trains, upskills and connects seamstresses, manufacturers and networks to develop and find retail markets for these products.

Sanitary Pad Production

Manufactures and markets compostable sanitary pads into communities, delivering triple bottom-line impact and producing female entrepreneurs.

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When you walk into a YES Hub, you walk into a new future.

YES Hubs connect youth and the community to global best practice in training and technology, specially located and designed to address barriers to youth employment and economic inclusion.

A range of activities takes place at a YES Hub, enabling innovation and a cross-pollination of ideas, seeding points for new business. Youth energy coupled with networks, market access and industry inputs are the right mix of ingredients for small business development to thrive.

Participants who register at the Hub are offered access to networks, training, markets, work opportunities, ideas for careers or new businesses, and the necessary partner support to make it happen. Small business is a generator for jobs, which is why YES Hubs work to attract the magic cocktail of ideas and resources to encourage, nurture and support small business.

Together with like-minded partners and corporate funders, Hubs deliver a host of programmes that include a basket of digital courses, textile manufacturing centres, ceramics labs, creative agencies, small business support centres, drone programming, culinary academies, beauty therapy, biodegradable sanitary pad production, 3D printing labs, and urban farming (to name but a few). Exciting programmes are being planned and added regularly.

Our communities are home to thousands of potential entrepreneurs and self-starters who just need that first chance to unlock their potential through support programmes, training and connections to markets and business.

Claim Socio-Economic Development points and/or Donation spend by contributing to YES Hubs.

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YES Hubs are transforming companies, communities, and our country.


Sustainable, impactful returns on B-BBEE spend:


Gain B-BBEE Levels Up

Invest in Hubs with Enterprise & Supplier Development and Skills Development points.

Grow Small Business

Incubate and grow new small businesses with local procurement.

Provide Access to Market

Assisting businesses with getting products, services, and technologies into the hands of the fastest growing market in South Africa.

YES is reigniting South Africa’s manufacturing sector!

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Prosperous communities = Prosperous economy = Prosperous country

Our YES Hubs

Tembisa Kago Hub

Saldanha Genesis Hub

Alex Netcare YES Ulusha Hub