I am an SMME/business wanting to host YES youth, but I cannot pay their salary. How can I get involved in YES?

Sponsored host placements are a part of the YES programme. Corporates who meet their YES target can choose to place the youth in their own business or at a host SMME through a sponsored host placement, at no cost to the host. The young person will work in the host business for a period of 12 months and will be paid by the sponsor company.

Does YES provide NGOs and small businesses with funding opportunities, office space and/or equipment?

The type of support that YES offers to businesses and NGOs is non-financial, through capacity development as well as placing a young person in their businesses as a resource. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funding, office space and/or equipment or connections to other stakeholders.

How does YES assist young aspiring business owners? Do you provide funding?

Unfortunately, YES does not offer financial support to young aspiring business owners. However, we can assist new businesses (SMME╩╝s) by capacitating them with fresh, young and creative youth!

Can the same youth be sponsored for more than one year?

No, YES Youth are sponsored for a period of one year. If you decide to absorb your YES Youth after the year-long period, then you will be responsible for salary payments.

What are the qualification criteria for host placement opportunities?

To host a YES Youth you need to be a registered EME or QSE. However, based on sector and other internal requirements, YES will have additional selection criteria. Please note that NGOs can qualify to host YES Youth.