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Evidence Snethemba Nkosi

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Evidence Snethemba Nkosi
Works as: Tracer
Employer: Itireleng Clinic, EKN North

Evidence Snethemba Nkosi landed a job at the Itireleng Clinic in Phomolong, Tembisa, after hearing about YES through an implementation partners. Her quality work experience will be spent as a tracer at the clinic, collecting data from patients with abnormal viral loads who are approved for Centralised Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD).

Evidence describes the YES4Youth mobile application as amazing, very educational, and a journey towards self-confidence. ‘’Through my YES work experience, I now know how to deal with different solutions and patients and how to communicate effectively with colleagues. I have the skills to work well under pressure and know how to commit myself to the responsibility that comes with my job’’, she says.

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